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Handmade Ceramics

The focus of my work as a contemporary ceramic artist has been the compelling materiality of the clay and my connection to it. Clay is a beautiful substance with which to work, malleable, compliant and sensual. It possesses a will of its own and so the process between maker and clay becomes a conversation, an intimate dialogue. To completely immerse oneself in making by hand is a very human and enormously gratifying and valuable experience.

My latest body of work explores the processes of Nerikomi and Kintsugi for the creation of unique and decorative ceramic objects. Nerikomi focuses full attention on the manipulated porcelain clay. Coloured with stains and oxides, and using hand-building techniques, patterns are created within the material. Kintsugi, embraces the imperfections that can occur during the processes involved in the construction and firing. My fascination with both techniques is not only that the clay and pattern combine to become the material of the object, but also, the true character and materiality of the clay can be exploited and brought to centre stage. When manipulated, the plasticity of the clay encourages movement, forming naturally soft lines, which appear to drift in and out of focus within the designs. Kintsugi becomes a precious scar, reminding us that strength and beauty exists in fragility.

Nerikomi wall plaque

Nerikomi wall plaque

Education and Exhibition details…

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  • Royal College of Art - Ceramics and Glass, gained a Masters Degree
  • Havering College of Further and Higher Education: BA (Hons) 3D Design and Craft : Graduated 2015 1st Class BA (Hons)

  • London Art Fair, Thrown Gallery, 2019
  • Royal College of Art Showcase, China Craft Week, Hangzhou, China, 2018
  • Royal College of Art Ceramics and Glass work Showcase during West Bund Expo, Shanghai, China, 2018
  • New Horizons - Young Talents Exhibition, Coast Gallery, Zhuhai, China, 2018
  • Thrown Gallery - Gradual, Exhibition for recent graduates, London, 2018
  • Mint Gallery - Trans-Form, London, 2018
  • Materialise' - Group Show in the private home of Preston Fitzgerald, London 2018
  • Final Graduation Show - Royal College of Arts - 2018
  • Work in Progress Show - Royal College of Arts - 2018
  • Cecilia Colman Gallery, London 'In the Window' 2015-2016
  • Emerging Makers Exhibition, Bils and Rye Gallery, Yorkshire
  • Society of Designer Craftsmen, Mall Galleries - August 2016
  • Bevere Gallery, Worcester, Graduate Exhibition - Jan/Feb 2016
  • ArtsThread : Handmade in Chelsea - Nov 2015
  • Royal Opera Gallery Sculpture and Ceramic Exhibition - Oct 2015
  • Innovations in Ceramic, Cambridge, Art Anglian Potters Showcase - Oct 2015
  • Connect2colour Lacey Contemporary Gallery Finalist - July 2015
  • New Designers graduate show - June 2015


A link to my current CV showing my Award from the ROSL. Click on the graphic to view.


London Craft Week, Bargehouse, May 2019

The Future of Craft - demonstrations, talks and workshops. 09 - 12 May 2019. I am one of the featured artists.

London Art Fair, Thrown Gallery, 2019

My work was featured in the Thrown Gallery stand of London Art Fair.

Trans-Form - Mint Gallery Exhibition for London Design Festival, 2018
Three of my Nerikomi bowls on display

Photographer Inge Clemente

Graduate Exhibition 2018

My work was featured in the RCA Graduate Exhibition 2018.

Paul Bailey of CoCA or The Centre of Ceramic Art at York has written an article and I am featured! Click here to view the full article.

Mark Brierley Interview

I was interviewed by Mark Brierley of Overseas Journal for ROSL - a non-profit private members club dedicated to artists and musicians across the commonwealth - about my lifelong love of ceramics. Click on the graphic or this link to read more. First Love.

Mint Gallery

The Mint Gallery - 2 North Terrace Kensington London SW3 has a collection of works from emerging artists which was launched during London Design Week. Four of my large Nerikomi bowls are in the gallery.

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